Our Mission is to provide a means for African American women to celebrate their accomplishments, build sisterhood, showcase their talents, and empower the community.  Our queens walk away from our experience feeling humbled, empowered, and encouraged. This opportunity provides a long term professional network for the African American community, in a world where African American’s are still experiencing “Firsts.”

Black pageants are still relevant in the 21stcentury.  Until African Americans are no longer expected to fit in the mold of other cultures, we still need a means to celebrate our culture, our legacy, and our contribution to the growth of this American nation.  Recently, African American women have consistently won great systems such as Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss United States.  This brings us such joy and we are ever so proud.  They are beautiful, accomplished sisters, with a passion for the community who possess certain characteristics that have allowed them to break those barriers and fit into the mold of other cultures; nevertheless, we believe more African Americans deserve an opportunity.

Miss Black United States provides an open door to that opportunity.   All cultures need an avenue to celebrate their existence.  It is the personal understanding, of who we are, that empowers us to go into all communities and make a difference in the lives of others.  We pay homage to those founders of Miss Black America and Miss Black USA, for giving us our first opportunity to shine in the world of pageantry.  Together, we will leave our legacy…

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