Application Process

Contestants at the local level will enroll in the 9 month program. They must apply through the website and pay the NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE of $25. Applications will be reviewed and phone interviews will be held for applicants accepted. Applicants who advance to the state competition will be notified after the interview. This process can take 3-4 weeks depending upon the number of applicants. Once an applicant is accepted into the program, she is responsible for securing her NON-REFUNDABLE sponsorship fee totaling $1197. The sponsorship fee includes hotel, some meals, pageant competition training (The Royal Secrets & Royal Blueprint), Virtual Coaching, Local Title and Rhinestone Sash, potential recognition on the national website, and much much more (TOTAL VALUE: $53,000). Most pageants, request $1500 upfront, do not allow lengthy payment plans, do not offer anything close to pageant training materials, don’t provide hotel or meals, definitely don’t offer virtual coaching, nor a local title and rhinestone sash. Your value for $1197 is significant!

Applicants will be responsible for securing the full balance of $1197. This can be paid in automatic monthly payments of $133 for 9 months (if applying in February) and $172 for 8 months (if applying in March).

Once the first deposit is paid, the applicant becomes an official participant in the Miss Black United States State Program and Competition. The balance of her sponsorship fee must be paid by the required deadline, in order for her to participate in the pageant. Contestants will travel at their own expense to/from their assigned Regional Pageant to compete for their state delegate title. There are 7 regional competitions which include the state competition for each of the 50 states and District of Columbia competitions. Contestants are responsible for their own competition wardrobe and travel expenses to/from the pageant competition. Pageant will cover the hotel cost, meals, and production costs for the Regional Competition.

Contestants who are accepted into the Miss Black United States State Program and Competition will be required to participate in several training sessions via tele-conference, webinar, digital training, email, and in person training; as well as are required to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours at approved organizations in their respective city and state.  Volunteer verification and 10 active photographs from each appearance must be submitted in order to qualify for their 50 hours.  Contestants have 8 Months to complete these hours.  Training sessions are created to prepare the contestants for their state competition.  We want each contestant to feel confident and prepared for competition.

When contestants are accepted into the pageant program, they must take an oath of positivity, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of their dreams.  They must film themselves reciting the oath and it must be posted on social media. The requirements will be provided to the contestant upon fully registered in the program.

Full Service Preparation Program for Regional Pageants:  We want our contestants to be their very best self when competing for the state delegate position and state title.  We will provide the tools to guide her along the way.  Program starts after the contestant submits her initial monthly payment.  We give our contestants plenty of time to raise the sponsorship fee and plenty of time to prepare for competition.

Contestants who are participating in the Miss Black United States – State Program and Competition, must express their participation in full—“I am participating in the Miss Black United States – State Program and Competition.  The program culminates in a Regional Competition where I will compete for the state delegate title – Miss Black State – Delegate 2017.” It is imperative that contestants communicate that Miss Black United States is a program and a pageant competition.

First Runner-Up at the state competition:  Any contestant who places first runner-up at the state competition will qualify to participate in the 52nd State Delegate Competition.  First Runner-Ups will be showcased online with a video, photos, and biographical information for open voting from the general public.  The 10 contestants with the most votes will advance to the semi-final level. The Miss Black United States Program will select an additional 5 contestants to advance to the semi-final level. Semi-finalists will be required to submit a final fact sheet as well as participate in a series of telephone/Skype interviews with the judges. The top five contestants will participate in their final interview and the winner will be announced on the national Miss Black United States website. The winner will become the 52nd contestant in the National Miss Black United States Program and Competition. Her title will be her state nickname or a city title (i.e. For the state of New York, her title would be Miss Black Empire State, Miss Black New York City, or Miss Black Rochester, etc.). The national office will work with the delegate to find the strongest title for the delegate.

All contestants who become state delegates will be required to attend a Meet and Greet in Washington DC during MLK Jr. weekend in January 2018. Contestants are responsible for airline tickets and transportation to/from hotel.  Pageant will pay for the hotel and meals.

The contestant who wins the state title will advance to the National Miss Black United States Program and Competition.  She is an official state delegate in the National Miss Black United States Program.    She will receive the Miss Black State – Year sash. She is not the “reigning queen.” Once the state delegate completes the full program and competes in the national program, she will receive a new sash and will be officially named and crowned Miss Black State 2018.  The reigning queen, Miss Black State 2018, will have a full year to maximize her reign, having acquired the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed during her reign.  Her reign ends once the 2019 delegates are crowned at the National Pageant.  The newly crowned Miss Black United States will crown her sister queens.  Together, the 52 girls will begin their reign.

All state queens are invited to return the following year, 2019, to take their final walk as Miss Black State 2018.  They are also invited to attend the coronation ball that evening, and the coronation brunch the following day.  However, they are not permitted to wear their sash or crown at the coronation ball and brunch.  These two events are created to showcase and celebrate the incumbent queens.  2018 queens are permitted to wear their sash at the National Pageant Competition and will sit together during the event.  The newly crowned Miss Black United States 2019 will be required to give her first speech to her sister queens, during the coronation brunch.