Competition Cycle

The competition cycle begins with a preliminary online application to sift through the applicants and find the most ambitious, committed, and disciplined contestants for entry into the Class of 2018 Miss Black United States Program.

Contestants must submit an official application and participate in one or more interviews prior to acceptance into the state delegate competition.

State delegate competitions will be held at select regional locations.  Contestants are responsible for paying for their travel, wardrobe, and their state competition fee, to which their initial registration fee will be applied.  Only 7-8 regional locations will host all 51 state representative competitions (50 States + Washington D.C.). State contestants will be required to travel to their respective regional location to compete for the state delegate position.

The winner of the state delegate competition gains an opportunity to represent her state in the national competition as an official MBUS State Delegate.  The state delegate selected during the regional competition weekend must participate in the full program for 2 years (up until the national pageant), receive state queen training, compete against herself at the national competition, earn her title as a State Queen and represent the crowned state queen following the national competition. If the delegate participates 100% in the program, she will be crowned the day after the national queen is selected to reign as Miss Black United States 2018 at the first annual coronation brunch.

All state delegates are crowned during one ceremony, the day after the national Miss Black United States queen is selected.  Everyone’s reign will commence at the same time, and will be held for a minimum of 1 year.  

Why do we structure the program like this? In the majority of pageants, contestants work extremely hard to compete for one place in the royal throne.  Unfortunately, more women go home upset than happy and the finality after the competition is daunting.  The Miss Black United States Program mitigates the level of unhappiness along with the national competition withdrawal.  Everyone gains an experience of a lifetime. Everyone walks home celebrating their success and achievements.  Moreover, everyone starts their reign at the same time.  We all celebrate together. We are all empowered together as one. This is unity.

Young women dream of a “crowning moment” only to find out that the crown is not what makes the reign. The reign is more about the opportunities that come from having the title and one year reign. Our state delegates spend a year developing and enhancing their skills, and a year maximizing their reign as their state queen.

The Miss Black United States program is an experience, program, sisterhood, and then a pageant. It’s not a traditional pageant system. It’s a lifestyle.

If a contestant walks away from this system without feeling empowered and equipped to conquer the world, it’s her own fault. We provide the tools she needs to succeed in this program and to succeed in life.  She just has to follow the formula and put in the work.

It is an honor and a privilege to gain the opportunity to compete for the delegate position, state reign, and national reign.  Every phase of the program and competition is strategically designed to enhance the contestant’s life experience.  We want each participant to walk away from this program feeling more empowered and equipped to achieve their goals and live a more inspired life.

A participant determines her success based upon the woman she has become as a result of entering the program and committing to a goal.  There is something to be gained from reaching for a goal.  Being a beauty queen is a lifestyle, not a one time achievement.  Our program creates beauty queens.

The crown must first be discovered within, and then you are honored showcase it.

Program Concept:  

Local – Queen in You / A Servants Heart 

State – Sash of Honor / Wearing Your God-Given Crown 

National – Coronation / Giving Back While You Reign

Emeritus – Leaving a Legacy 

Queens Court:  

The four runner-ups to Miss Black United States will be hailed as the 2018 MBUS Queens’ Court.  They will each be responsible for national appearances, as well as appearances in their respective states.

Queens’ Court Winners will have an opportunity to be regularly featured on the national website, blog/vlog for the national website as well as make national appearances on behalf of the organization.  Any appearances that the national queen cannot attend, will be offered to the Queen’s Court.

State Queens:  

State queens are expected to maximize their reign across their entire state.  We encourage them to travel from city to city, county to county, making a difference in their communities, promoting themselves as well as spreading the word about the Miss Black United States Program.

State queens must submit reports of their appearances in addition to 10 quality images from each appearance.  All appearances must be approved prior to booking.

The State Nominee to the Winning Queen:  

The first runner-up, to the state delegate who wins Miss Black United States 2018, will be crowned the state queen in a private ceremony held in her state.  She will also undergo her own training.  The following year, she is permitted to compete for the state delegacy following completion of her reign because she was appointed to her reign as a result of the original state delegate representative becoming the national titleholder.

For example:  If Pennsylvania Delegate 2017 wins the national title of Miss Black United States 2018, her 1st-runner up at the state delegate regional competition will now be appointed to represent Miss Black Pennsylvania United States 2017.

The 52nd Contestant:  

First Runner-Up at the state competition:  Any contestant who places first runner-up at the state competition will qualify to participate in the 52nd State Delegate Competition.  First Runner-Ups will be showcased online with a video, photos, and biographical information for open voting from the general public.  The 10 contestants with the most votes will advance to the semi-final level.

The Miss Black United States Program will select an additional 5 contestants to advance to the semi-final level.  Semi-finalists will be required to submit a final fact sheet as well as participate in a series of telephone/Skype interviews with the judges.  The top five contestants will participate in their final interview and the winner will be announced on the national Miss Black United States website.

The winner will become the 52nd contestant in the National Miss Black United States Program and Competition.  Her title will be her state nickname or a city title (i.e. For the state of New York, her title could be Miss Black Empire State, Miss Black New York City, or Miss Black Rochester, etc.).  The national office will work with the delegate to find the strongest title for the delegate.