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Miss Black United States 5 Misconceptions About Pageants
  1. Think It’s Girlie – Contrary to popular belief, a lot of tomboys compete in pageants and love them. It’s not as girlie as one may think it is. Most contestants find it to be a rewarding experience that boost confidence levels, develop communication skills and master the art of refinement. 
  2. Cost a Lot of Money – There have been many winners who have won with a limited budget. While some pageants do require expensive entry fees, hotel costs, advertisement purchases, etc., Miss Black United States keeps the sponsorship fee low, while giving you options to upgrade your experience with a full service training and preparation program. Moreover, we show you how to avoid wasting your time and money during the entire process. 
  3. Afraid to Get on Stage – Most women are afraid and nervous because they aren’t prepared and because it is a new concept for them. Trust us, after that first official rehearsal, your fears will be gone! Additionally, we provide the tools necessary to get you competition ready and confident enough to present yourself in front of anyone. We believe that if you can learn to compete on a pageant stage, you can conquer any business meeting, presentation, or interview! 
  4. Don’t Feel Pretty Enough – Simply stated, the prettiest girl does not always win the pageant. There is so much more that goes into winning pageants. We can’t wait to prepare you for your competition experience. This is the perfect way to enhance your self-esteem and we guarantee, you’ll feel beautiful when you’re finished with the program. We can’t wait for you to meet your best version of yourself.
  5. Too Shy or Introverted – This is the best way to get out of your shell and the best way to learn to showcase yourself in a fun and supportive environment. Fear anxiety is usually an indication that something new is happening in your life. We welcome that anxiety because after you push through it, that’s when you experience a personal break-through. Plus, you’ll gain pageant sisters who will help you along your journey to success. 

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